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This paper was published in Global Health Research and Policy by scholars in the initiative's U.S.-China Research Group on Global Health and Migration as part of their collaborative research.

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August 9, 2017

China’s Engagement with Development Assistance for Health in Africa

Author: Jennifer Huang Bouey Cheng Feng

China is playing an increasingly important role in the African public health sector. However, only a handful of countries have received priority in receiving Chinese development assistance for health. The findings from our study confirm that: China is engaged in helping African countries to develop their health systems by helping develop infrastructure and supplying equipment and medicine, as well as training health professionals and funding disease treatment. However, very limited attention has been paid to addressing disease prevention, health education, and health promotion and awareness. Furthermore, financial sustainability and the involvement of NGOs and the private sector has been relatively ignored, which raises questions regarding the long-term sustainability and impact that Chinese health aid projects can have in Africa.

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