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This Foreign Affairs article by Senior Fellow Evan Medeiros, who is also a participant in the U.S.-China Research Group on Managing Strategic Competition, considers how the Biden administration can craft a new China strategy.

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March 17, 2021

How to Craft a Durable China Strategy

Author: Evan Medeiros

After the tumult, creativity, bombast, and activism of President Donald Trump’s approach to China, officials on the Biden team are faced with crafting a coherent strategy from the rubble and detritus of the last administration’s actions. They face a series of fundamental questions: What will a coherent and sustainable China policy look like as bilateral competition intensifies and diversifies? How will U.S. policymakers reconcile multiple and competing interests with China? Can the United States craft a strategy that achieves two contradictory goals—competition and cooperation—at the same time? To address these questions, Washington needs to alter the fundamentals of its policy.

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