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In Your Shoes™中美对话项目

In Your Shoes™中美对话项目由乔治城大学全球表演与政治实验室(the Lab)与美中全球议题对话项目联合主办,以屡获殊荣的In Your Shoes项目作为依托,围绕中美关系进行交流。

In Your Shoes采用根植于戏剧表演、对话和深度聆听相关的创新技术,将来自多样化的社会、文化和宗教背景的学生带入深刻的、富有挑战性且相互尊重的对话之中,以此促进彼此相互理解、产生共情。

在根植于传统In Your Shoes(详情请见PBS NewsHour华盛顿邮报的中美对话项目中,参与者围绕一个简单命题开展两两对话,对话将被双方共同记录、节选、编辑,最终以表演的方式展示对话摘要。


A performance by the Lab in the National Theatre

Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics Georgetown Unit

Housed in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics (The Lab) harnesses the power of performance to humanize global politics. The Lab believes that theater can be spectacularly good at countering polarization, through the empathy it enables in a live…


In Your Shoes™ – A Project in U.S.-China Student Dialogue through Performance Spring 2023 (Video)


Duration: 3 minutes

In Your Shoes™中美对话项目 (Video)


Duration: 7 minutes