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About the U.S.-China Initiative

About the U.S.-China Initiative

The Georgetown Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues is a university platform for engagement among scholars, students and practitioners to advance dialogue and promote solutions to global challenges ranging from climate change to peace and security.

In collaboration with the Asian Studies Program (Walsh School of Foreign Service) and other Georgetown programs and centers, the initiative convenes research groups, student dialogues, and public events. All of these activities seek to engage U.S., Chinese and other international perspectives around five thematic areas: peace and security, business and trade, climate change, global health, and society and culture.

In order to maintain its credibility and effectiveness as an independent convener around contested issues in U.S.-China relations, the initiative is organized around four core principles: independence, transparency, balance, and academic excellence.

Over the past several years U.S.-China relations have entered a new phase. Trade conflict, security rivalry, and human rights controversy mark a shift towards intensified strategic competition.

Against this backdrop, the initiative is based on the recognition that deep differences between the U.S. and China should not preclude realistic efforts to promote mutual understanding and identify potential areas for cooperation. This approach resonates with Georgetown’s mission as a Jesuit university in Washington, DC, committed to academic excellence, intercultural dialogue, and the global common good.