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About the U.S.-China Initiative

About the U.S.-China Initiative

The Georgetown Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues is a university platform for research, teaching, and high-level dialogue among American and Chinese leaders from the public sector, business, society, and the academy that addresses common challenges facing the global community.

Ties between China and the United States are at a critical juncture. The United States remains the world’s leading power, while China’s wealth and influence continue to expand. The relationship between both countries will have a decisive impact on the evolution of global governance and prospects for world peace.

Both the state of the world and deep political and ideological divides make structured dialogue between the United States and China vitally important—not to reach consensus, but to clarify areas of mutual interest and to facilitate cooperation.

Unlike most existing efforts to advance U.S.-China dialogue, the initiative focuses less on bilateral relations than on global and transnational issues. It is premised on the view that despite inevitable national differences, there remains considerable room for the cultivation of shared approaches to questions including climate change, global health, business and trade, peace and security, and economic and social development around the globe.

Core initiative activities include: high-level public dialogues with leaders across sectors; research groups that bring together leading U.S. and Chinese scholars around critical issues; and curricular and co-curricular collaboration that connects Georgetown faculty and students with colleagues at Chinese universities.

The initiative builds on Georgetown’s core strengths: academic excellence, location in Washington, D.C., and Catholic and Jesuit mission of service to the world.

Georgetown’s academic profile combines faculty expertise on China across disciplines and schools with a range of centers, initiatives, and programs that address global issues of critical importance to U.S.-China relations.

The university’s location in Washington, DC, provides unparalleled opportunities to convene U.S. and Chinese scholars, officials, and citizens, as well as representatives of other countries and international organizations, around critical global issues.

As a Jesuit institution committed to service to the world, Georgetown is heir to the legacy of Fr. Matteo Ricci, S.J. (1552-1610), a missionary whose deep respect for Chinese language, philosophy, and customs created a model for intercultural encounter.

In order to maintain its credibility and effectiveness as an independent convener around contested issues in U.S.-China relations, the initiative is organized around four core principles: independence, transparency, balance, and academic excellence.

The initiative is organized at the university level as a collaboration among Georgetown schools, centers, and programs. The vice president for global engagement chairs an interdisciplinary faculty committee that oversees initiative operations.

The initiative is made possible by a $10 million gift from the CP Group, a Thai multinational, through its Spring Breeze Foundation (Hong Kong). The CP Group is one of the world's largest agribusiness and food companies, and is also active in telecommunications, retail, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

You can find information about the January 2016 gift announcement. To learn more about Georgetown's history of engagement with China please visit here