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Research Group: Cosmopolitanism

Theories of cosmopolitanism remain underdeveloped and controversial primarily because they arise almost exclusively from the Anglo-American philosophical tradition and employ its characteristic approaches.

The U.S.-China Research Group on Cosmopolitanism, convened by Philip J. Ivanhoe of Georgetown University in collaboration with Peng Guoxiang of Zhejiang University, brings together nine scholars from the United States and the Chinese cultural sphere. It aims to develop and pursue a structured dialogue around theoretical and practical problems related to cosmopolitanism with the goal of identifying issues of shared concern.

In order to initiate the group's inquiry into the nature and future of cosmopolitanism, each participant has composed a short reflection describing their initial thoughts on cosmopolitanism. These will serve as the basis of their first meeting and provide a good introduction to the work of the research group. Please continue to the Essay section below to read their work.

The members of the research group have also generated a bibliography on cosmopolitanism that will be continually updated in the course of the project.

Philip J. Ivanhoe

Chair of East Asian Languages and Cultures Receives Honorable Mention As One of Top Philosophers in the World

Philip J. Ivanhoe, chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and scholar of Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism, was given an honorable mention on the list of the top 25 influential philosophers in the world by Academic Influence.


Contemporary Accounts of Cosmopolitanism

Philip J. Ivanhoe

Cosmopolitanism has received increasing attention in recent years as the global nature of the modern world and the multicultural dimensions of contemporary societies becomes ever more salient. In her 1996 essay “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism,”Footnote 1 Martha Nussbaum presented a…

When Buddhism Meets Cosmopolitanism

Ellen Zhang

As a politico-philosophical term in the West, cosmopolitanism has re-emerged in the humanities and social sciences in recent decades, especially in the context of the recent refugee crisis in Europe. The philosophy of “hospitality,” along with the Kantian notion of “a cosmopolitan right”…



JeeLoo Liu portrait

JeeLoo Liu

California State University at Fullerton