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U.S.-China Dialogue Podcast

From 2019 to 2020 the Georgetown University Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues hosted a podcast series that captures the profound and candid reflections of ambassadors, cabinet secretaries, and senior officials whose actions have shaped and are shaping the course of ties between the United States and China through the many twists and turns in what arguably is the most complex relationship in international diplomacy today.

These former officials help explore the negotiating history of every facet of the issues under the initiative: peace and security, business and trade, economic and social development, climate change, and global health. At this critical juncture in history, where both sides are rethinking the trajectory of the bilateral relationship, a project of this nature and scope contributed to mutual understanding and provided ideas and lessons learned to successfully manage U.S.-China ties to advance peace and security in the rapidly evolving international order. Former Senior Fellow James Green, a longtime China expert who has worked for over two decades in and out of the U.S. government on China, was the host of this podcast series.

The initiative is deeply grateful to people who provided generous support and advice to the podcast project. Please read more on the acknowledgements page.

Project Leaders

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James Green

Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues

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