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Henry Farrell headshot

Henry Farrell

George Washington University

Henry Farrell is professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University. He works on a variety of topics, including trust, the politics of the internet, and international and comparative political economy. He is a co-convener of the Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues faculty research group on business and trade.

  • Previously worked as a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, assistant professor at George Washington University and the University of Toronto, and a senior research fellow at the Max-Planck Project Group in Bonn, Germany.
  • His recent book, The Political Economy of Trust: Interests, Institutions and Inter-Firm Cooperation, was published in 2009 by Cambridge University Press. 
  • Authored or co-authored 31 academic articles, as well as several book chapters and numerous non-academic publications.

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