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Wind farm in Jiayuguan

China and the Global South

During the 2022-2023 academic year, the initiative will host virtual dialogues with experts about the evolution of China’s engagement with the Global South.

​​The panel discussions will explore the continuity and divergence in China’s exchanges with different regions in the Global South, including Latin and South America and Africa, as well as its development efforts as part of China’s expansive Belt and Road Initiative.

Event Series

A camp built by Chinese state owned mining company MCC at Mes Ainak, south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Jerome  Starkey/Flick

Assessing China’s Influence in South Asia

China balances a set of complex relationships with its neighbors in South Asia. Tensions with India extend not only to an unsettled border where clashes have broken out, but also to broader regional…

Construction of the SGR railway parrale to Mombasa road Kenya

China’s Foreign Aid and Investment in Africa

China has become a source of significant aid, investment, and loans for countries across the African continent. Chinese funds back a wide range of projects from transportation infrastructure to energy

Ecuador's Rafael Correa meets with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in Beijing. Photo: Luis Astudillo C./Cancillería

China’s Outreach in Latin and South America

Latin American and Caribbean countries are important members of the developing world, Chinese President Xi Jinping noted in a speech delivered at the seventh Summit of the Community of Latin American

BG E15/837 (, Landsberger collection)

Africa-China Engagement: Arts, Culture, and Media

Africa-China engagement is usually seen through political and economic lenses, often focusing on competition between China and Western nations and development impacts in Africa. In this half-day