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Wind farm in Jiayuguan

China and the Global South

Launched in 2022, the initiative hosts virtual dialogues with experts about the evolution of China’s engagement with the Global South.

​​The panel discussions explore the continuity and divergence in China’s exchanges with different regions in the Global South, including Latin and South America and Africa, as well as its development efforts as part of China’s expansive Belt and Road Initiative.

Event Series

Map of South America, Africa, and Asia

Spring Symposium 2024: Africa, Asia, and the Americas

This spring 2024 symposium, organized by Georgetown University’s Africa-China Initiative and African Studies, brings together experts from across the United States, as well as Peru and Chile, to…

Kenya's and Zambia's Relations with China 1949-2019

Kenya's and Zambia's Relations with China 1949-2019

Africa has become a major platform from which to analyze and understand China's growing influence in the Global South. Yet, the impact of their historical relationship has been largely overlooked…

Military helicopter in flight.

Money for Mayhem

The way war is waged is evolving quickly—igniting the rapid rise of private military contractors who offer military-style services as part of their core business model. When private actors take up…

Fire truck outside of an emergency response center

Great Power Competition in the Americas

Over the past two decades, China’s role in the geopolitical landscape of the Western Hemisphere has grown, as has its economic footprint across the region. U.S. leaders have come to see the evolution