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May 31, 2017

Higher Education and the Future of U.S.-China Dialogue

Event Series: Other Initiative Events

Higher Education and the Future of U.S.-China Dialogue

What is the role of universities at a critical juncture in U.S.-China relations? How can institutions of higher learning encourage dialogue around critical issues ranging from development and climate change to security and economic growth? How can university leaders, faculty, and students in the United States advance scholarship and exchange that advances solutions to pressing global problems?

This seminar brought together thought leaders from both countries to address these critical questions, and was part of a broader effort to strengthen university ties.


Thomas Banchoff is vice president for global engagement at Georgetown University.

Yang Bin is the provost of Tsinghua University.

Joel Hellman is dean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Chen Xu is chancellor of Tsinghua University.