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Other Initiative Events

The initiative hosts a variety of on-site events, book talks, forums, and town halls covering different aspects of the U.S.-China relationship. These events address a range of topics including China’s economic development, China’s impact on the technology sector, U.S.-China agricultural trade, and increasing U.S.-China competition.

Event Series

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping shaking hands

CHINA Town Hall 2021

On October 19, 2021, dozens of communities participated in a national conversation on how the U.S.-China relationship affects our cities, towns, and communities, hosted by the National Committee on…

Chinese vendor

China, Unseen: Solving Problems in the New Era

Many discussions about “China” are really about the Chinese Communist Party, but governments and the people are not exactly the same thing. Fewer conversations are about what Chinese people are doing…

Panelists listening to an audience member ask a question

The U.S.-China Technology Relationship in Flux

Technology policy was long the sleepy domain of technical specialists and bureaucrats. Over the last two years, however, technology relations between the United States and China have hit the front…