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Other Initiative Events

The initiative hosts a variety of on-site events, book talks, forums, and town halls covering different aspects of the U.S.-China relationship. These events address a range of topics including China’s economic development, China’s impact on the technology sector, U.S.-China agricultural trade, and increasing U.S.-China competition.

Event Series

Trans Siberian Railway. Wazari Wazir/Flickr

The Peking Express

We welcomed Beijing-based author and lawyer James Zimmerman to discuss his book, The Peking Express: The Bandits Who Stole a Train, Stunned the West, and Broke the Republic of China (2023). The Peking

Person walking by portraits of leaders of China

The Complex Domestic Politics of U.S.-China Relations

While geopolitical tensions continue to define much of the U.S.-China relationship, changing domestic politics in both countries — often underappreciated and little understood — have become a major…