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Becky Yang Hsu headshot

Becky Yang Hsu

Department of Sociology

Becky Hsu is an associate professor of sociology at Georgetown University, where she is also affiliated with the Asian Studies Program, the Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues, and the Graduate School's M.S. in Health and the Public Interest Program. Hsu specializes in culture and sociology of religion, with an interest in moral deliberation and person-hood. She serves as the convener for the Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues Research Group on Culture and the Common Good.

  • ​Author of a forthcoming book on how people in China define happiness, Happiness in China: Family, Fate, and the Good Death (University of Chicago Press, 2019), as well as articles in the British Journal of Sociology and the Journal of Health Psychology.
  • ​Co-editor of The Chinese Pursuit of Happiness: Anxieties, Hopes, and Moral Tensions in Everyday Life (University of California Press, 2019).
  • Principal investigator of “The Concept of Fu in Contemporary China: Searching for Well-Being, Purpose, and the Good Life” (2013–2016), a project funded by the John Templeton Foundation.
  • Author of Borrowing Together: Microfinance and Cultivating Social Ties (Cambridge University Press, 2017), which details how participants in microfinance programs in rural China use loans to cultivate their social networks. Hsu explains why microfinance's “articles of faith” failed to comprehend the influence of longstanding relationships and the component of morality.

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