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December 16, 2019

Responding To: Final Insights from the U.S.-China Research Group on E-Commerce and Mobile Technology

Becoming Active in the China Tech Space

Abraham Newman

The dialogue was essential in moving my personal research forward. While I had been a passive consumer of information about China in the technology space, the dialogue really upgraded my research capacity. Between meeting colleagues from China, spending time in country, and thinking deeply about the topic, the dialogue had a huge impact.

The discussion helped me understand the deep complexity of emerging US-China relations over technological development. In particular, it helped me see a series of different key equities -- economic, security, and political -- which sometimes reinforce and sometimes contradict each other. As a result, policy and firm strategy must confront a shifting terrain.

I view the relationship as Janus faced. On the one hand, the two sides will continue to be partners, developing complex production networks and global innovation systems. On the other hand, the two will need to manage the vulnerabilities that emerge from interdependence.

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