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2018-2019 Student Fellows in front of Healy Hall.

2018-2019 U.S.-China Student Fellows

Part of our work on: U.S.-China Student Fellows

Selected through a competitive process, the 2018-2019 U.S.-China Student Fellows cohort was comprised of 12 undergraduate students, representing nine top-tier U.S. and Chinese colleges and universities. Over the course of the academic year, the fellows met in person in Washington D.C. and Beijing, contributed blog posts, and held online discussions around the theme "U.S.-China: Shared Global Responsibilities."


Aaron Baum portrait

Aaron Baum

Georgetown University

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Junming Cui portrait

Junming Cui

New York University Shanghai

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Chang Fan portrait

Chang Fan

Tsinghua University

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Danny Li portrait

Danny Li

Dartmouth College

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Zhaoqing Li portrait

Zhaoqing Li

Peking University

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Yihong Shi portrait

Yihong Shi

Zhejiang University

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Andrea Su portrait

Andrea Su

Georgetown University

2018-2019 Student Fellow

Xiaogu Xu portrait

Xiaogu Xu

Tsinghua University

2018-2019 Student Fellow


Students at a table talking

2018-2019 U.S.-China Student Fellows Beijing Meeting, May 2019

With tensions high and aggressive rhetoric coming from both sides, the third cohort of the U.S.-China Student Fellows Program gathered in Beijing from May 30 to June 2, 2019. The 12 students, six Chinese and six Americans, led by Dennis Wilder, the initiative’s managing director, spent the first two…

Blog Posts

2018-2019 Student Fellows Reflect on Their Year in the Program

August 27, 2019

What did you learn from your time as a U.S.-China Student Fellow, and how will you use this experience in the future? In this blog post, the student fellows were asked to write a reflection on their participation in the year-long U.S.-China Student Fellows program following their second and final…