The Challenges of Globalization

The Challenges of Globalization

January 31, 2018

Opportunities and Challenges on the Belt and Road Initiative

What are the opportunities and challenges of U.S.-China cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative? In this discussion, the initiative's student fellows examine specific areas where the United States and China have common interests for development as well as those which remain an underlying challenge to cooperation.



The Belt and Road Initiative Deserves A Try

Chenyu Wu | January 29, 2018

About the Blog

Ties between China and the United States are at a critical juncture. The United States remains the world’s leading power, while China’s wealth and influence continue to expand. The relationship between both countries will have a decisive impact on the evolution of global governance and prospects for world peace. Despite inevitable national differences between the two countries, there remains considerable room for the cultivation of shared approaches to questions including climate change, global health, business and trade, peace and security, and economic and social development around the globe.

This blog comprises a series of discussions written by initiative-affiliated faculty and student fellows. These experts and young leaders will share their evolving views on the emergence of globalization and challenges it brings, as well as the means for strengthening common values between the United States and China to promote greater collaboration to the benefit of the global community.

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