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U.S.-China ping pong tournament

U.S.-China People-to-People Diplomacy Series

Over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year, the initiative hosted virtual dialogues with experts about the evolution of U.S.-China people-to-people interactions.

The panel discussions explored trends across the arts, business, educational, legal, and scientific communities, as well as obstacles and opportunities for both Beijing and Washington amid an increasingly competitive bilateral relationship.

Event Series

A Chinese woman exits a mock voting booth at an event at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China.

American and Chinese Perspectives on U.S. Politics

As the U.S.-China relationship has grown to be one of the most consequential for international politics, two-way ties have come to take greater space in each country’s domestic political discourse.

Chinese fan dance at the Bund

The Role of Individuals in the U.S.-China Relationship

The U.S.-China relationship consists of far more than the exchanges between diplomatic officials and their counterparts. People across art, business, education, journalism, and science communities and…