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Research Group: Culture and the Common Good

The past two decades have seen an explosion of happiness research around challenges to human flourishing posed by fast-paced social change in a globalizing world.

First convened in spring 2019 by Becky Hsu of Georgetown University in collaboration with Teresa Kuan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the research group brings together American and Chinese scholars across disciplines to explore how citizens in both societies are pursuing and experiencing happiness, with a focus on changing family structure and intergenerational dynamics.


Teresa Kuan portrait

Teresa Kuan

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Associate Professor


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Research Dialogue on Culture and the Common Good, Fall 2019

Despite the ongoing unrest and protests in Hong Kong, on December 16-17, 2019, the U.S.-China Research Group on Culture and the Common Good convened their second meeting on the island to share their findings on common challenges that people in the United States and China face as they deal with moral…


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